Industrial field

• We execute construction works in industrial field as general contractor, assuming our responsibility for the supply of materials, equipment, labor force and services needed to complete the contracted works.

• We offer complete services for industrial and civil investments in the field of any type of installations:

1. Electrical installations – modern equipment for electrical wiring:
indoor and outdoor electrical wiring, electric panels, low current
systems, lighting protection system and electrical grounding systems.

2. Plumbing systems – installation and assembly of complete
sanitary networks, sanitary ware to the highest standard, cold
and hot water line systems, indoor and outdoor sewage.

3. Heating systems – a wide range of heating systems, central
heating units, heat exchangers, underfloor heating systems, radiator
heating systems, the entire range of heat distribution systems.

4. Air conditioning – all high-quality air conditioning, SPLIT and
MULTISPLIT systems, Chiller system or VRV air conditioning system.

5. Ventilation, exhaust ventilation; introducing fresh air, treating
it through treatment units as well as air distribution piping
(diffusers, grilles, ventilation holes), execution of smoke removal