Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems

• We offer complete services in the field of ventilation systems. The health component of a functional space depends on providing it with properly sized ventilation, regardless of whether we are talking about bringing fresh air or exhaust and smoke fumes.

• Ventilation, exhaust ventilation; introducing fresh air, treating it through treatment units as well as air distri-bution piping (diffusers, grilles, ventilation holes), execution of smoke removal system.

• The work completed so far ensures all the standards in force regardless of the size and complexity of the investment.

• We have a dedicated team of specialists with extensive experience in the field.

• Design

• Execution

• Consultancy

• Maintenance

– Natural ventilation systems

– Mechanized ventilation systems

– Industrial ventilation systems

– Emergency ventilation systems

– Smoke removal ventilation systems

– Heat recovery ventilation

– Piping networks

– Control devices

– Emissions, vapors and smoke filtration systems

– Compressed air installations